Let’s Nerd Out

I’m a jump in with two feet kinda guy. When I find something I’m passionate about, I talk about little else. And my favorite thing in the world? Inspiring passion and curiosity in others. Theatre. Teaching. Improv Comedy. Dungeons and Dragons. How much I hate the fourth Indiana Jones movie.
My friends can attest: when I’ve got an opinion about something, I talk about little else.
My energy dial goes well past 11, but it’s fueled by a genuine and enthusiastic love of what I do. I’m here for an in-your-face Kool-Aid commercial from the 90s kinda read, for sure. I can SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY with the best of them. But it isn’t about raw intensity.
It’s still about that passion and curiosity. It’s still about connection.

Anything that’s got rules to follow can be a game. Life? A game. Job application? Totally a game. A medical explainer giving a detailed look at what to expect if you’ve been diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia? Maybe not a very fun game, but a game.
I take play seriously. I believe in it, and I believe the imagination is a muscle we need to continue to exercise or we’ll lose it. I take a deadline seriously, and from medical reads to a live session where we’re exploring the different character of each shrimp meal available, I keep the genuine interest of your listener to heart.
But there’s always time for a little play. No matter the project, we can let a little fun into the booth.
Knowledge, Knack, and Know-How
I used to work as a stage manager and I pride myself on my weirdly accurate innate sense of time. If it’s a 30 second script, it’ll hit the mark. If you need it in an hour, you’ll have it, my friend!
I love a deadline. I love a challenge. I believe that restrictions, timelines, weird end client requirements, FCC regulations, and every other rule are just fun little funnels for creativity. The job is part art and part science, and I can bring ya just as much Edison as I do Da Vinci.


I spent ten years as a high school Theater and English teacher and in my time as an educator, I learned a valuable lesson:
You don’t have to make people listen if you really care about what you’re saying. People listen to people who have a real, genuine, and authentic interest in their lives.
Voice over is not about capturing, captivating, or catching anything. It’s an invitation to a good conversation 


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Lanhareth “The Lash” Ashtai, Spore Druid

Pokemon Red, the OG!

Florence, Italy

Anyone producing a blood borne pathogen video circa 1998

Hamilton (but I’m a snob and saw it at the Public!)

classic white/wheat sourdough

Favorite musical: 

Dream Client: 

Best vacation destination: 
Most days on a video game: 
Favorite bread to bake: 
Current d&d charcter:


So, if you’re looking for a fresh, young, authentic, conversational, “real person,” high energy, enthusiastic, witty, intelligent, smart, casual, believable (or any other tag your end client can dream up or Google), then let’s be buddies. 

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