I love reading, and not just to get a free pizza at Pizza Hut through a library program. I majored in English Literature and Education, and though I was not an avid reader in childhood, I fell for it hard in high school.
Good audiobook narration does what a good book does- it transports you. It takes you on a journey. Nonfiction audiobook narration makes a story out of facts and finds the natural curiosity that lives in each line. Fiction audiobook voice over is all about world-building, almost like a one-man-show. It populates the stage in the reader’s imagination with players.
Longform voice over work isn’t for everyone, but audiobook narration is one of my favorite spaces in the voice over world. My natural curiosity and love of learning makes me eager to take on most books as narrator, but below, you’ll see some of the spaces of audiobook narration I truly love.

Take a Look in a Book!

I can sing you the theme songs to Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, and The Magic School Bus to this day. Why? Because I unapologetically go back and watch episodes of them sometimes.
The fun, energy, and optimism of children is what inspired me to be an educator. I loved the feeling as a kid of getting really into a book, show, or topic. That feeling of wanting to jump your whole person into a topic was wildly fun. As a dad, reading to my kiddos is one of my favorite things in the world. Any opportunity I have to narrate children's books, I take.
The key to good kids media voice over is empathy and listening. As adults, we’ve seen the same old stories told dozens of times. We’re jaded. We’ve been hurt. We’ve been there and done that. For YA and Kids audiobook narration, you need a narrator who is willing to go back and feel emotions fully again. You need vulnerability and you need empathy.
Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, I approach each kid’s book with the goal of creating a genuine connection with the reader. Whether it be fear, curiosity, sadness, anger, joy, or any other emotion: the reader must be free and safe to feel.

YA and Children’s Literature

Self-help. Memoirs. Coaching, history, and scientific reviews. I absolutely love this space of audiobook narration. While this category can widely vary (a memoir is very different from a self-help book), the root truth remains: good audiobook narration lifts the text and surprises, ever so slightly, the reader.
For more scientific and informative texts, I’m able to give a more informational and measured read. Never dry, but also never biased. My preference, however, is to add a bit of life to the text. As a high school English and Theater teacher, I excelled at reading into the purpose and subtext of each work we studied. The subtle biases that authors like to weave into nonfiction texts are not lost on me, and I’m happy to make the bold choice to have them read well in audio form.

Adult Nonfiction

I’m a Dungeon Master. I know that the TIE in TIE Fighter stands for Thermal Ion Engine. I like deep forests with hidden magic as much as I like beaming down to a planet no human has set foot on before. I adore the thrill of imagining worlds other than our own, while still exploring the universality of human experience.
Sci-Fi/Fantasy audiobook narration is about just that: finding the truth of real characters, while also bringing to life an entire world of the author’s imagination. Narrating these genres is an absolute joy, because I not only get to play a wide variety of characters, but also guide the reader through fantastical new worlds. My natural nerdiness brings genuine passion to this space.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi


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