Energy and authenticity- that’s my home base. Commercial voice over is about creating a dialogue. Never “HEY YOU!”; more: “hey, you’ve got a lot going on, I get it.”
When we’re talking energy, sure, that can be the high excitement read. It’s also that little bit of extra energy that your favorite teacher takes to stop what they’re doing and genuinely listen to you. Before my mouth meets my mic, I know who I’m talking to. I’ve got a motivation and a situation in mind. I’m here to inspire.

Salesy? Nah.

I took five years of Latin classes which everyone said was a waste of time. They were mostly right, but one thing I did learn: the roots of the word Inspire. From inspiritu, the word literally means to breathe life into person…and idea…or a script.
When you trust me with your copy, I trust you with my breath and life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial for a pulled pork barbeque sandwich or some tips that might help you make your home a little greener: we’re going to make some real, dang life-filled art, folks.


Good commercial voice over, at its core, is a service. I see myself as that servant to you, your end client, and their consumer. An authentic, genuine, and conversational delivery should invite the listener to open the door themselves. Never a manipulation, good commercial voice over feels like a friendly co-pilot. A sales associate who helps you find not only what you were looking for, but also what you never thought you’d need. Excellent commercial voice over never wastes time: whether it’s 6, 15, or 30 seconds.


That being said, sometimes you just gotta blow the doors off the place. See how much cinnamon flavor you can pack into one little square of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, ya know? When you’re project calls for high-energy, engaging delivery, I’m ready to blast-off. 
High energy commercial reads are about capturing that feeling of adrenaline welling up from your core and packing every ounce into the mic. It’s the thrill of the chase, the heat of the moment, and a good belly laugh.
Whether we’re blasting off to Mars in a LEGO rocket or just getting stupid excited about no credit financing, I’m always down to punch it up.

Amp it up

And even after the most exciting weekend of your life, Monday morning always still seems to roll around, doesn’t it? I’ve got a Master’s Degree in EdTech. I worked as an educator for ten years. I can wear a tie, and my voice over can, too. 
I’m often cast for commercial work in higher education and for banking and credit unions. Here, a warm, authentic, and smart delivery goes a long way to earn trust, which is what planning for the future is really all about. With a real person, conversational voice over, I love to invite people to explore what the future holds, and what dreams they can make a reality. 



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