Corporate narration and voiceover can call to mind an Office Space like hellscape of same-gray cubicles, bathed in soul sucking fluorescent light. Or, at least that’s the image that comes to mind for me, as someone who worked in education for years and never touched the corporate world.

Let’s get a little more Mad Men, shall we? (Ok, fine. Big.)

Never Bore a Board Room

Corporate narration is often about inspiring and pushing to the next level. How I approach a corporate voice over is by aiming to be the guy next to you at the conference room who really believes the company. Not in an annoying way, but in a genuine way. This is the reason that guy gets up every morning, but he’s not a tool, ya know? He can still talk to you about Cobra Kai and cut a donut in half in the break room.

Anthems are big in this space, and while I might not be your typical movie trailer Don LaFontaine “in a world” type, I get passionate. I’m energetic. I can hype some people up. Believing in human potential and achieving excellence is what drove me to be an educator for over ten years. If your video opens on a misty morning drone shot over the company, or sun rising in through the blinds, I can be right up close to the mic to get those employees psyched to meet some Q1 goals. For sure.

Boundaries. Limits. Push em’. Break em’.

The other side of corporate narration is a bunch of focus group data, percentages, and charts. Here, I like to channel one of my personal heroes: Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Bill Nye was truly passionate about science, and that passion and energy was fresh, relatable, and engaging. Corporate narration voice over needs that passion to come from a genuine, believable place. And with me, it sure does.
I like numbers. I like percentages. Pie Charts? Be still my beating heart!
For me, the dry language and reports are puzzle pieces to a larger story. Before my mouth hits the mic, I’m reading your script and planning where to execute each build- just like you and your team did when you wrote the script. Each data point is like a bread crumb in a trail, leading to something exciting down a path never traveled before.
The joy is in the journey. The destination is unknown.

Technical Schmechnical

For Corporate narration, as they like to say in the corporate world, change is the only constant. I get that. When I record, either on a session with you, or by myself, I make sure to give you at least two to three options.

When you need pickups? No trouble. The first round is always free, and if I’m near the booth, I prioritize pickups as they come in. Our shared goal is to keep your end client happy. Fast delivery makes them happy. I’ve had pickups back to clients within 5 minutes of an email they sent.

Options and Updates


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