One of my favorite genres of voice over by far is Kids Media and Children’s Learning projects. I spent ten years as an educator in K12 spaces, during which time I wrote original plays for young audiences which were directed and performed for libraries. I’m passionate about learning and the power that animation, video games, and AR/VR has to enhance engagement and motivation in young learners.
My natural passion and energy are well suited for this genre. I absolutely love learning about the world around me and my favorite part of teaching was helping students become passionate about doing the same.


Ok, I hate the term edutainment, but you can’t deny that motivation and engagement are a huge part of learning. The best way to engage young learners is to honor their natural curiosity. It’s not about making them listening or presenting information in a fun way! It’s about inviting children to join in on the learning process and actively question and engage in the lesson.
Great children’s media voice over, therefore, is never didactic or condescending. It’s an encouraging, enthusiastic and authentic guide into the lesson. As we used to say when I was a high school teacher, the best teachers are not the sage on the stage, but rather the guide on the side. Great children’s voice over makes the kid on the other end of the mic feel like there’s someone out there who truly cares about their actions.


When I was a teacher, I had a great principal who used to say that we should teach all the way to the bell. His point was that every second of class time should be purposefully spent in building the overall lesson or unit. I was a first year teacher when he presented this idea, and I was terrified. But he was right.
Without naming names, there are countless examples of vapid fluff on TV, the internet, and various streaming channels claiming to be valuable children’s programs that are just filling time. I don’t believe in such projects and I won’t accept them as a partnership on which I will offer my voice.
Good, purposeful “screen time” is empathetic, authentic, and meaningful. Whether it be a toy, a video game, a show, or a book, I only sign up to do work that will actually enrich a young audience.

Pride in Purpose

Kids media is often short, but a whole world still needs to be created in a short amount of time. My natural range and bank of character voices is perfect for this challenge. Even in under 300 words, a rich story can be told through different tonal shifts, character voices, and pauses.
My favorite reads of the day are definitely reading to my kiddos at the end of the day. Story time is big in my house and I’ll give your audience the same grounded, loving delivery my little ones get daily.

Character and Range


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