Until relatively recently, I wasn’t terribly involved in politics. I wasn’t actively engaged in following the news or various causes, and I just generally checked out. I recognize now that this came from a place of privilege, and like many, the events of the last few years have encouraged me to use my voice (literally!) to promote change.
As a father of young children, I can’t help but worry about the future. However, I’m hopeful that we can, with the right guidance, create a sustainable future for the coming generations. A more equitable future can, and I believe will exist.
My natural young, bright delivery is a benefit to political voiceover projects on the political left. My genuine energy and enthusiasm can inspire hope when it feels lost, or action when it seems pointless.

Hope and Change

An unfortunate reality of politics in America is the necessity to get down and dirty and deliver negative political ads. As my dad used to say, never wrestle in mud with a pig- you’ll get dirty and the pig will like it. While they aren’t my favorite reads, I like to believe that negative political voice over is my chance to wrestle the pigs so (hopefully) a politician won’t have to do so.
While I’d prefer for us all to hold hands and handle our issues with civil discourse, I’m not naïve enough to think that’s how it works. When abhorrent behavior or scandal needs to be called out, I can get down and dirty and call it out.

Slingin’ Mud

September surprises. Friday night scandal drops…or defended against those surprises and drops. Politics doesn’t fit neatly into a 9 to 5, and often, the spot already needs to be on TV/Radio by the time it’s written. That’s no trouble.
When I sign up to voice with a campaign, I understand that I will be on call around the clock. With few exceptions, I can turn around copy in as little as 15 minutes or as long as one hour. The headlines won’t wait, and I won’t keep you waiting.

Around the Clock

My jobs in the realm of political voiceover are exciting because they allow me to see behind some curtains. At times, I feel like I’m a fly on the wall on the West Wing…or, you know, a fly on a Zoom call.
That being said, I value my clients’ causes and privacy. Even without an explicit NDA (which I am always willing to sign), I will never disclose the details of our working agreement. Similarly, I am always open to agreeing to exclusivity to protect the brand you and your campaign are creating.

Discretion: The Better Part of Valor

Finally, I recognize that the beauty of American politics is that any citizen can engage and run for office, regardless of background. If you’re not exactly sure how to write/produce/distribute a political voiceover, I have plenty of connections and I’ll be happy to get you started. 

A Guide, If Needed


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